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Macramé Owl Spotting

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Photo credit: Aranchala Grace, South India


Common Garden Variety Macramé Owl. Photo credit: Aranchala Grace, South India May 2008

Not Just a Sport, But a Way of Life

To some people, macramé, and in particular, the Macramé Owl, is not just an art form, not just a spotting sport, but an actual “way of life”.

For those who have not yet been touched by the spirit of the Macramé Owl, this may seem outrageous. Devotees to Macramé Owl wisdom are often met with intolerance and mockery of this philosophical view and belief system.

We ask that you keep an open mind. Allow your heart to soften. Embrace the true beauty that is the Macramé Owl. Begin a life-enhancing adventure: discover the joy of Macramé Owl spotting!

Photo credit: April Killingsworth, Los Angeles, USA, July 2005


Barn Dwelling Macramé Owl.
Photo credit: April Killingsworth, Los Angeles, USA, July 2005


While the Macramé Owl remains elusive in many countries, sightings are reported in North America, Europe and as far as India. We share photos of these fine specimens as we crusade to bring them out of obscurity and shed light on their very special qualities.

Reviving the Art and Sport of Macramé Owl Spotting

Macramé Owl spotting was popular throughout the mid 60s to early 70s when this refined creature was valued and appreciated. Unfortunately, during the late 80s, the reputation of the Macramé Owl dramatically deteriorated. Spotting declined and by the 90s, this once adored critter was thought to be extinct.

However, reliable sources have proven that the Macramé Owl is alive and well, albeit often in hiding. On this page is documented photo evidence to prove this fact.

We aim to revive appreciation for the Macramé Owl and its related sport of Macramé Owl spotting. We urge you to seek out and document with photos evidence (selfies or whatever), and submit findings to us here at the Macramé Owl Sanctuary, so that we can substantiate their population near and far, and continue to immortalize this fascinating creature for future generations. You can post your own spotting stories on our Feedback page on the Hoot & Annie Blog or on our Facebook page.

Photo credit: Spotted by Alex, Alexi and Charlie in Callahan State Park, Framingham, Massachusetts, USA, April 2008

Left: Lesser Spotted Random Forest Macramé Owl. Photo credit: Spotted by Alex, Alexi and Charlie in Callahan State Park, Framingham, Massachusetts, USA, April 2008

Right: This female Brush-tailed Macramé Owl was spotted avidly guarding this plant pot, containing what we believe to be a nest. It was too risky to approach her, but we will be keeping an eye on her from a distance and will report any further findings over time.

Mother macrame owl by plant pot nest 28 July 2009

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