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Mission, Vision, Values

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Our Mission

Save the Macramé Owl from extinction.
Macramé Owls at the Sanctuary

Our Vision

To revive the love and reverence for the Macramé Owl in every man, woman and child.

To raise awareness of the plight of the Macramé Owl and to remove any threat of the Macramé Owl becoming an endangered species.

To build a sanctuary that Macramé Owls from around the world can find peace and harmony in a safe, secure environment.

To inadvertently increase the sales of bladder control protection products worldwide.

Our Values

We have a Macramé Owl-centred ethos.

Every Macramé Owl deserves love, care, and a happy home.

Laughing with (not at) Macramé Owls is uplifting and healthy for all.


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