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Macramé Owl Appeal

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Unwanted, Abandoned Macramé Owls

Every year, tens of unwanted Macramé Owls are abandoned, abused, and left homeless. Now, there is hope.

Macramé Owls receive a new lease on life at our safe, nurturing Sanctuary. Feel secure in the knowledge that once again they will be loved and encouraged to thrive, even when you are no longer able to care for them (or just don’t give a damn).

Macramé Owl Sanctuary Admissions

Once admitted to our Sanctuary, our MO-HMO (Macramé Owl – Health Maintenance Organization) will assess the physical and mental state of each Macramé Owl. We devise care plans and develop rehabilitation programs for each new Macramé Owl resident. This detailed individual assessment ensures that every Macramé Owl we meet receives the right care pathway.

As soon as they’re ready, willing and able, our Macramé Owl residents are given opportunities to reintegrate into society. They’ll get a second chance to live out their majestic destiny and fulfill their true potential.

If you have or know of a Macramé Owl in need, please consider their misfortune with compassion. Send them to the Macramé Owl Sanctuary, no questions asked and complete confidentiality assured. Contact us and we will respond without judgement.


If you’d like to make a monetary donation toward the care of our Macramé Owl residents, any amount is graciously appreciated. Even if it’s just “chicken feed”, it will all go to a great cause!

Investment Opportunities

We have many projects that require funding. If you’re in a position to provide greater support and involvement, please contact us.

Also visit our Volunteer Recruitment page if you’d like to make a regular commitment and be a part of the movement to save the Macramé Owl from extinction.

S1032043 Pink Pygmy macramT owl 26 July 2009

This rare Pink Pygmy Macramé Owl, Isabelle, was admitted to the Sanctuary in July 2009. As you can see, she has adapted very well to her new environment.

Skippy's lifeless body on admission to ICU

Skippy, a Macaw Macramé Owl, arrived at our Sanctuary in a dreadful state (above). But look at Skippy now! (below)

Skippy, healthy and confident

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