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Volunteer Recruitment

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Join Our Highly Regarded Volunteer Team

We are always on the lookout for talented and humour-hearted individuals to join our volunteer team. We are currently recruiting MOPs, MOMs, MO-BFFs and MOWRONs.
Macramé Owl Patron (MOP)

This tremendously valued role gives you an opportunity to declare your support for our mission. It doesn’t matter to us whether you state this publicly (by wearing our badges, t-shirts or otherwise spreading the word about our mission), or whether you’d rather keep it shtum in the privacy of your own home.

However, we hope that you will be a proud, card-carrying MOP. A MOP pays a donation membership towards the ongoing costs of Macramé Owl care and sustenance.

We are currently developing several levels of MOPage such as the MOP-FAST programme, which is a Macramé Owl Patron who is also a Foster/Adoption/Sponsor Trustee. For an additional contribution, the MOP-FASTs can acquire photos of, or with, their chosen Macramé Owl resident. If you’d like to know more about the MOP-FAST programme, contact us.

Become a MOP now!

leslieand owls on bench (2) retouch crop 300w

LW from Canada is the CEO of a high-powered company who currently must hide her passion for Macramé Owls for fear of damage to her reputation. Our organization aims to radically reduce and ultimately remove the stigma attached to Macramé Owl admiration.

Macramé Owl Maker (MOM)

One of our most esteemed roles, a MOM is a birthing surrogate that contributes to the replenishment of Macramé Owl resources. She (or he, as males can be MOMs, too!) is a miracle-worker who genetically designs new varieties to be introduced and/or mated with traditional varieties to ensure longevity and the perpetual evolution of the Macramé Owl species.

A MOM is also a nurturer and healer of damaged Macramé Owls, breathing new life into those forgotten Macramé Owl souls that others have given up on.

If you have an intimate understanding of the creation of Macramé Owls, then this position could be for you. Contact us and tell us about your MOM skills and experience.

Macramé Owl Best Friend Forever (MO-BFF)

You can become a MO-BFF with lifetime privileges if you do any of the following:

Save and admit 10 or more Macramé Owl Residents to the Sanctuary.

Donate $300 (£150) or more toward Sanctuary costs.

Volunteer 100 or more hours in Sanctuary projects and/or activities.

Contact us if you want to be a loyal MO-BFF.

Macramé Owl Welfare Rescue Operations Nurse (MOWRON)

MOWRONs are involved in the search and rescue of wild Macramé Owls. We provide training on what to look for and where, and provide information on aggressive Macramé Owl handling techniques (see Rescue).

MOWRONs avidly engage in Macramé Owl Spotting. When confronted by a Macramé Owl in public, they boldly take action to save (acquire) the Macramé Owl from the clutches of a meaningless life.

MOWRONs are willing to counsel, wheel and deal, and use WIT (whatever it takes) to get that Macramé Owl to our safe haven so that they may have a more productive, idyllic life. They give them a chance at being a role model for Macramé Owls around the world.

This is a very responsible role and should not be entered into lightly. It takes a very special person to be a MOWRON. They have to be passionate and willing to put themselves “out there”, bravely enduring mockery by humans less compassionate than themselves. Contact us if you want to become a MOWRON now. (Please note, you must be willing to declare the MOO – the Macramé Owl Oath.)

Cairan and Greg Tenby Woods

Left: Ciaran often goes Macramé Owl spotting with his dad Greg, who is one of our top MOWRONs. They are pictured here in Tenby woods, South Wales. Can you spot the Macramé Owls they missed?

Right: Ciaran says, “When I grow up,
I want to be a MOWRON, just like my dad!”


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